Iouzen hikking  : easy trekking and Shinrin-Yoku, a search for wellness and peaceful mind.

this tour takes you to go on an easy trek to Iouzen(939m),which is rich in beech trees and medical plants. Its beautifl landscape and change coloes are breathtaking. 

Iouzen was said to be one of the holy lands and training places for the Japans ancient mountain worship. 


Monks at that time must had felt something spiritual from the cloistered sanctuary far from the real world.  Oikedaira was one of the holy spots, and you would see the amazing scenery of the Tsuta-rock towering over the pond. We will visit Sanjaga-fall and Sansyoku-spring, where monks had training. 


Iouzen, although not high, has various environs such as rocky ridge, steep gorge, pond and swamp, and these environs are protected considerably well. Thus it is rich with wild plants and animals.   

This tour will take you to an easy get away from your daily life and help you to have a peaceful moment.  Treat yourself!!


Note: Duration of the time and contents can be customized upon requests.


When: April to July, once a month, and upon request.

            Mid-September to November, once  a month, and upon request. 

Howlong: Duration time: apploximtly 6 hours and 30 mins.

Where: Iouzen

Price: 20,000 yen/person  Includes insurance, tea and snacks.       

Date: once a month April May

Time: 8:15 to 14:30 (Apploximtly 6 hours and 30 minutes)

Where: JR Kanazawa Station East Exit (Meeting place)

         Iouzen Visitor Center (Start trekking) 22 Futamatamachi, Kanazawa.


8:15 Meet at Kanazawa Station East exit under Tsudumi Mon, move to Iouzen 

Visitor Center Arrive at Iouzen Visitor Center, Orientation

09:00 start trekking  (Breaks and Lunch break) 

13:00 feedbacks.Move to Kanazawa Station 

14:30 program ends


Qualifying age: years over 6 years old

Capacity: 6 people (minimum 2 people)

Reservation Due date: one week before the program date 


Cancellation:our cancellation policies are as follows;

  We will charge ice will cancellation fees from 5 days before the program date.

 From 5 days to 3 days before the program date, 30% of the price,

 From 3 days to a day before the program date, 50% of the price,

 Cancellation of the day of the program, 100% of the price will be charged.  


Please note: If you would like to cancel the program, please let us know by e-mail,,as soon as possible. In the case of cancellation on the day of the program, please call us,090-1637-2826.